Hauswand mit Logo der Baugenossenschaft Langen eG und Pfeilen, die auf den Eingangsbereich hinweisen.

Cooperating for better homes.

Because our homes belong to us.

We invented the concept of a sharing economy. With Baugenossenschaft Langen eG. housing cooperative, you’re your own landlord. You have a say when you want to have a say. All the security that comes with owning your own home and all the flexibility of renting. Fair rent without the agencies and no deposit required.


We make a good home even better.

We share our achievements with our members by awarding dividends of up to 4 % and investing in our buildings and apartments. Over the next 10 years, approximately 70 % of our buildings will be undergoing a programme of sustainable refurbishment to bring greater comfort, lower heating costs and good homes that are even better for the Environment.

Modernisation Programme

Giving you a whole lot more.

It’s the taking part that counts, or as explained in our charter: “Apartment rental is linked to buying shares”. The overall sum payable for the shares is about the same as the deposit you would usually be required to pay to other landlords. Your shares give you more options, though: You practically become a joint owner of your cooperative and you earn money with every dividend payout. The more shares you have, the higher the payout you receive. The minimum share is also based on the amount of rent you pay. This means that for every 50 EUR of cold rent plus service charges (which exclude costs for heating and warm water), you buy a share amounting to 160 EUR.

It sounds more complicated that it actually is.


If you decide to move out, the choice is yours: You can either remain a member of the cooperative to collect dividends or resign to get your money back. No questions asked. It’s set out in black and white in our charter.

Die Wohnraumkönner.

Self-help. Self-determination. Self-management. Three principles unchanged since our foundation in 1947. Or in other words, beautiful homes you’ll never want to leave.

The General Meeting

3600 members, all of whom have a voice at the General Meeting. At this meeting the Supervisory Board is elected and decisions are made on how profit will be spent.

Mehrere Personen heben die Hand zur Abstimmung hoch.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board is composed of members and elected by members. This means it’s comprised of people from each housing cooperative region, as well as the Chairman Prof. Dr. Christoph Motzko and Vice-Chairman Berthold Matyschok. The Supervisory Board supports and oversees the Executive Board.

Gruppenbild des Aufsichtsrats und des Vorstands.

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Christoph E. Motzko (Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Jens Prößer, Wolf-Bodo Friers (Executive Board), Kirsten Schoder-Steinmüller, Wolfgang Schroth, Stephan Braun, Stephan Langner (Executive Board), Angela Weber, Berthold Matyschok (Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board), Manfred Pusdrowski. Missing: Uwe Daneke.



The Executive Board

Two people. One team. One goal. Wolf-Bodo Friers is our problem solver and responsible for management control, company organisation and marketing. Stephan Langner is our master of planning and looks after our accounts and maintaining our properties.

Wolf-Bodo Friers (left), Chairman of the Executive Board and Stephan Langner, Member of the Executive Board.

Our Foundations

It's March 1947 and the end of the Second World War has brought devastating consequences. Cities bombed to the ground, housing shortages and millions of people either in flight or expelled from their countries. Our founding members decide to take the helm. In 1949, a number of self-help homes were built at 10 sites on Bürgerstraße in Langen using quarry stone and wood from urban woodland to meet the area’s urgent housing needs. The foundations for Baugenossenschaft Langen eG. were built on this solid ground, and today we’re the largest lessor in Langen.

Social Engagement

We Support our local community

Energy and the Environment

We make a good home even better! We invest in our buildings and apartments. Over the next 10 years, approximately 70% of our buildings will be undergoing a programme of sustainable refurbishment for the benefit of environment and our members.